Online AI Shopping With M-Wallet System

An Online shop that has various products needed as per users needs. The system is built to help users in shopping and shop in their behalf. The system takes users choice and shops on their behalf. The system is proposed to be built on artificial intelligence techniques that ensure hassle free shopping experience for users. The system also includes m wallet integration. M wallet integration ensures a good mobile shopping experience. The integration of both these system allows users to just enter his choices and the system fetches the best deal for the user within no time.   • User Registration: User can register on the system and get his online account on site. • User Login: User can login to system and check various product data online. • User choice entry: The system accepts users choice and then uses AI techniques to shop on user behalf. • Add to cart: The AI Bot Adds features on users behalf. • Credit card payment: After total bill is calculated bot even pays directly from users M wallet. • Order confirmation: On successful payment a thank you message with order details pops up in users android mobile phone.
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