Android Merchant Application Using QR Code

1) Consumer visits and merchant flashes his QR code which is generated in consumer app, merchant can scan qr code to validate with database. If consumer is registered then it shows consumer balance, if not then shows error message of insufficient balance or consumer is not registered with this merchant or no such consumer in other cases. 2) If user is registered then the dashboard is filled with consumer balance, and 1 input text field appears to input amount if consumer wants to recharge in account through those coupon or if he wants to do transaction. After transaction consumer gets details about his transaction on registered email id. Project Flow: 1) Consumer has to register with app. 2) Consumer will login and navigate to dashboard which shows his username, fname, last 5 transaction and his balance expiry date (if consumer recharges his account with x rs den he has to use dis x rs in 1 month else his balance after 1 month automatically will be 0). 3) Consumer can reset his password or change his password. 4) Consumer app generate QRcode. 5) Consumer can update his profile. 6) Consumer password is stored in encrypted form in database to enhance security. 7) Consumer login session is maintained.
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